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The UK is a leader in the European Biotechnology sector. An indicator of this position is seen at both ends of the product cycle with research and production both major areas in the economy. The need for best use of funds in all stages of a business developing is required and functions, services and even facilities can be difficult to secure on a cost effective basis. The ABA BioResources Database is designed to provide, a quick way to identify possible requirements rather than having a fully integrated business at a time when the revenue or investment available does not allow or justify it. Further Information

Introducing Biotechnology Resource Capability Search.

All aspects of Biotechnology research, development and manufacture are major strengths in the UK. Many of these resources are not used to full capacity and can not only be valuable for project support but also be important as collaborators. The new ABA Resource Capability Search is a tool that identifies resources in 16 different areas required for successful Biotechnology product development and marketing. It can be used by

  • Start up companies - all areas required & possible partners incl. facility sharing.
  • Researchers & Companies - Sources for products and services.
  • Development - Sources of advice, market information & business support.
  • Established Organisations - Companies, Service Support & Academic groups able to cover areas not within the infrastructure of the organisation.
  • Technology Transfer Groups - Identifies possible collaborators and/or advice.

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Option 1 - CD Purchase - Individual CD provided containing the full database with updates by download for 1 year: £200.

Option 2 - On-Line Search - Sign up for 10 individual searches of the database spread over 12 months: £50.

Option 3 - Single search of the database: £10.

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Terms - Payments must be made in advance of delivery or access.

  • CDs are for use within the purchasing facility and must not be transferred to other facilities even within the same organisation.
  • No commercial use of the data by resale or reuse of the compiled data is permitted.
  • The contents of the resource database are the Copyright of Adams Business Associates.