UK Bio Resources

Service available now

The UK is a leader in the European Biotechnology sector with research and production both major areas in the economy. With over 30 years' experience in the Life Sciences and Biotechnology sectors ABA is in a position to provide support to quickly identify possible sources for collaboration or services as an alternative to having a fully integrated business at a time when the revenue or investment available does not allow or justify it. Examples of the range that is possible include:

  • Start-up companies - all areas required & possible partners incl. facility sharing.
  • Researchers & Companies - Sources for products and services.
  • Development - Sources of advice, market information & business support.
  • Established Organisations - Companies, Service Support & Academic groups able to cover areas not within the infrastructure of the organisation.
  • Technology Transfer Groups - Identify possible collaborators and/or advice.
  • Market and product market information