Terms and Conditions

  1. Engagement fees are only charged when specified on the quotation and are part of the total charges not an extra charge.
  2. Information from clients is received in confidence, unless already or subsequently within public knowledge, and will only be used to effect the agreed programme for the client.
  3. All information, assessments of products, business areas or trends, and other analyses are supplied to the client for internal use only. This material is not for publication without prior agreement and acknowledgement of Adams Business Associates, who retain the copyright on such items.
  4. Accounts will be invoiced monthly or on completion of the agreed programme.

    This excludes Start up payments: these occur according to contractual agreement.

    Settlement date is within 30 days of the invoice date unless specified otherwise.

    Accounts not settled within the due date will automatically accrue the appropriate interest charge of 1% for 15-30 days overdue and then an extra 2% for each month overdue.
  5. A quotation is firm if taken up within the validity date unless the brief is changed in writing. If this occurs all fees accrued become due immediately, under the contract of 4) above, and new arrangements and quotations must be agreed.
  6. Every care is taken by ABA to ensure that all activities for clients are carried out in a professional, honest and diligent fashion. However, no liability can be accepted for the consequential actions of clients as a result of these activities and full responsibility must be borne by the client.