ABA Global Library Reports.

The extensive experience of ABA in the Biological sciences global markets led to requests by the leading players in that sector for a more fundamental analysis of the key markets than was, or is even now, available from existing market research reports. This was particularly true of the developing markets outside of Europe and North America a decade ago before the current heavy focus on these countries had developed.

The first area was in 2004 with the 10 new EU Accession countries. The unique and detailed information led to similar demand for the other regions where market opportunities for Bioresearch reagents and equipment were increasing but with a little known understanding of the structure of the sector, its funding sources and application or its focus areas for research.

These reports have now developed into a 2nd Edition so that all the information is relevant for the markets in 2012 and beyond. The ABA global Library 2nd Edition has been rationalised into eight (8) regions that cover the world and include both Western Europe and North America. In these eight regional reports a total of 139 countries around the world have all been analysed in the same format which gives not only the structure, funding and focus areas but also provides fine detail of the research groups and companies with their individual focus areas for research.

Global, Regional & Sector Areas Covered