Market Analysis

Our primary activity is to develop market based information to provide our clients with the latest details on:


We keep a close watch on all the changes and trends in the market, the market leaders and drivers that enable us to assess the impact on your business. This regular starting point puts us in a strong position to examine your specific business in the context of the whole Life Science area.

There is so much information in this internet age that collection of information from all available sources is time consuming so ABA does this for you before you know that you need the information. In this way ABA can provide the analysis and key features of the market that are relevant to directing your future business.

View our Technology & Specialist Sectors Covered here.


ABA has an in depth database of the Life Science and Healthcare industries with a global view covering all extensive regions built up over nearly 30 years of service. View our Regional and Country coverage for Biotechnology & Life Sciences here.

By the use of Market data and our internally developed business tools we can make early stage assessments or projections for products, technologies and businesses. View the information on Health Technology Assessment applications here.