Market Access for Healthcare Products

There is a basic element in this field where the market detail and dynamics are analysed and future markets described and built into market plans or strategic routes forward that is part of the Services business provided by ABA. The Market Access area involved here is centred on the Health Technology Assessment (HTA) required by the UK authorities, particularly NICE. Other countries are following this route as the global economic crisis makes the high spend by governments on Healthcare unsustainable.

The unique aspect brought to this area is the focus on the immediate changes to Patient Pathways whatever the technology or application and how these might provide immediate (within 1 year) savings or costs to the NHS if new innovations are to be introduced. The Patient Pathway approach ensures all treatment component costs are included, not just the product costs, out even to Social Care costs. From this analysis the Decision Tree is prepared: which is required in order to follow all costs and all probabilities of selection. The core dedicated Decision Tree is used as developed for ABA in conjunction with the National Innovation Centre and modified to the specific product Patient Pathways of each product using the expertise established in this process.

The HTA information is very flexible and allows for rapid sensitivity testing to find and quantify key cost factors, both positive and negative. The approach is designed to show savings to the NHS but can rapidly be turned on its head for a company to calculate critical figures, including acceptable pricing. The overall NHS analysis can quickly be adjusted for the cohort for a specific Trust or group facility and taken further, in conjunction with our business partners, to produce a Sales Tool directly developed from the financial analysis.

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