"Reliable market data is a crucial part of everyday business management." This statement sounds quite sensible until we come to the facts of the matter. There had been no real comprehensive data for the Molecular Biology, Cell Research / Immunology and Life Science Market Place before ABA was requested by the Industry to create a reliable approach to obtain critical data in a comparable format.

The result was a consistent International way for companies to participate in a scheme to produce such data that covers sales, growth and market trends throughout the years in specified product classes that is meaningful, confidential, independent and useful for each individual company.

The ABA AUDITS scheme has been running successfully since the 1990s. This total business programme was made independent from ABA a decade ago to ensure complete confidentiality of the participants' data. This company is a separate organisation from Adams Business Associates with its own management. The "Market Statistics" programme allows companies to contribute real sales revenue figures within specified product areas and receive an analysed report discussing growth, trends and market size. The International programme provides information of where a participant is placed within the whole market of a country or region and ranked compared with the rest of the participating group.

ABA AUDITS also provides the hands-on support required to help individual companies with data acquisition and after report customer care. Review meetings and discussion groups are available ranging to workshops for staff if required. The confidentiality of participants information is paramount.

ABA AUDITS provides an unbiased report every six months based on real facts that cover three years worth of information to a very detailed level which includes individual company and general market position analysis in a user friendly country by country format.

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