“Stop guessing and know the real market”

A new concept in Market Analysis with real sales figures

The Audit Programme uses Real Sales Revenues for each defined product class provided by participants every six months to ABA. The data is analysed to give six monthly, 12-month running market size, growth, your individual market share, ranking and more all with complete confidentiality not only for the total market but also for each defined product class.

Your company receives a revenue breakdown for each product class giving an extensive view of the market sector.

• Quick and easy view of the market.

• Pie charts give the market as a 12-month running total.

Worksheets display six time periods to provide three years worth of:

  • On-going company progress
  • Trends within the market
  • Each sheet is individually tailored for your company.
  • Reports are produced every six months.
  • Confidentiality assured.

Worksheets are produced for each class positioning your company within the market. This aid tells you where you stand against your competitors.

You will be able to analyse the data over time to help make decisions on when to launch a new product range and when to promote or advertise a product.

What are Audit Statistics Reports? | What areas does it cover?