Now available in ABA Diagnostics Business Analysis Series, 2015.

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Published: 10 Apr 2014

Three reports are now available that cover the fast growing areas for the in vitro Diagnostics (IVD) markets. These are the areas with market opportunities and each is characterised by new companies coming into the market. A unique approach in each report is to examine the leading players from the way they have grown into the market. Each report is fully quantified for technology, market segments and regional distribution. Future development and the strategic marketing issues are also covered.

These reports all have 2014 as the market baseline and include key activities and developments affecting these markets up to mid-2015.

  • Molecular Diagnostics - Technologies, Products & Services - ABA 298.
  • Personalised Medicine & Point-of-Care Testing, POCT - ABA 310.
  • Cell Based Assays & Markets for Life Science [Health & Research] - ABA 413

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