Expert Review - Impact of New Trends in POCT, Companion Diagnostics, Non-Invasive Testing & Molecular Diagnostics

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Published: 24 Jul 2015

The abstract of thie new extensive analysis of the sector describes the publication in detail

Point-of-care diagnostics have been slowly developing over several decades and have taken on a new importance in current healthcare delivery for both diagnostics and development of new drugs. Molecular diagnostics have become a key driver of technology change and opened up new areas in companion diagnostics for use alongside pharmaceuticals and in new clinical approaches such as non-invasive testing. Future areas involving smartphone and biology, microfluidics and surface chemistry are adding advances in the market. The focus for point-of-care tests with molecular diagnostic technologies is focused on advancing effective applications.

Details can be obtained from and the publication full reference is Expert Rev. Mol. Diagn.15 (6), 815-827 (2015).