Health Technology Assessment, HTA 2014

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Published: 22 Dec 2014

In Medical Devices, including Diagnostics, as well as for Pharmaceutical products there is increasing demands from all healthcare providers to justify the economic benefits as well the clinical efficacy of new products: Health Technology Assessment. ABA has been actively involved with more than fifty (50+) companies to provide a sound basis for this type of data and analysis not only in order to secure approval from procurement bodies, such as NICE in the UK, but also to provide useful marketing tools for the company based on this analysis.

On the web site we have given background information on the issues but in order to understand the reality there is nothing better than seeing an example. A recent publication from ABA in European Medical Devices Technology, EMDT, provides this real example of determining the cost benefits of a new device. The important element demonstrated is the need to examine the patient pathway in detail so that all the clinical events and consequences of treatment are identified and their costs determined. It is important to move the procurement argument away from the specific cost of the device to the overall impact with savings that can be obtained from the outcomes of treatment. For the supplier it also gives precise information on the potential cost savings so that the price of the device can be set to balance the benefits for the healthcare system (and of course the patient) with the profit margin for the company. For all concerned this analysis also identifies possible changes to working practices that will have to be addressed for effective adoption of the new device. These are the practical implementation issues that move the HTA work from a theoretical analysis to a useable tool for both procurement managers and the supplier.

The real case example can be seen on-line here

December 2014