Biotechnology Resources Data Base

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Published: 21 Oct 2014

Fully searchable listing of resources for all types of needs in Biotechnology with Organisation, Location, Contact details and other information. Available at low on-line cost for single searches or packages as described on the BioResource page of the web site.

A significant problem for new Biotechnology companies is the need to focus on the technology, application and skills that have been the basis of setting the company up. Often pulling against these needs are the necessary features of and company for facilities, suppliers of reagents and equipment whilst keeping costs to a minimum. A useful approach is to ensure that these important but secondary items do not result in commitments even before the viability of the business is established. The UK Biotechnology Resource Database is designed to help with identification of sources that can meet these needs, even to the point of identifying possible facilities that might be willing to share some laboratory of facility space during the initial stages of a new business.

All companies have a need at some time for expertise or materials that are not in the knowledge of those involved or their skill set. It is also often not the best business decision to obtain or set up the company to have this fully in0house with external contacts or out-sourcing a more cost effective approach.

The UK Biotechnology Resources Database from ABA is designed to help with identification of these resources in an on-line and cost effective manner not only with the sources but also their location, contact details and a specific contact where possible. The database can be interrogated in these different ways to suit the needs and location of the searching company.

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