Life Science Research Global Library: Mid-2016 updates & South (Latin) America.

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Published: 1 Sep 2016

The slowdown of the global economy, including that of China, with reduced consumption of raw materials, has affected many economies. For the Oil producing countries the low price of Oil has created severe budget issues for many governments so that developments in the first half of 2016 are of major importance. The Middle East markets has been particularly affected (ABA 348.3) by the low Oil price.

All of the 8 regional reports in the ABA Global library have now been extended so that events and budget plans for 2017 announced in the first half of the year are now included in each report.

A particular region that has been analysed at August 2016, with the markets for 2015 as the base line, is South (Latin) America [ABA 370.3] where the economic problems of Argentina and Brazil have created bi changes for Life Science research budgets despite commitment to the sector.

For the first time it has been possible to have all the ABA Global Library reports on the same time line with 2015 as the market base line and August 2016 as the period for which individual country budgets and activities have been analysed and included for each report, including Western Europe in ABA 374.3.

As economic problems have arisen in many markets, including several of the significant emerging markets such as Russia (as in ABA 360.3) and South Africa (as in ABA 365.3), attention has turned to the other BRICS countries. China has itself had problems and perhaps the global economy might rely on the development of the Indian economy and markets for the stimulation that it was hoped would come from China. The in depth Eastern Majors report (ABA 350.3).analyses and compares these leading countries. The situation is now tempered with more modest development but with Life Sciences a major focus for all with a range of Applications, as shown below in these charts from the reports.

The similar analysis of the South (or Latin) American market (ABA 370.3) has now been completed. The previous excitement on the rapid growth in Brazil and some of the other countries is now regarded very differently because of the economic problems facing these countries but particularly Argentina and Brazil. Mexico is perhaps the exception and has been benefiting from being in the North American Free Trade Area (NAFTA). With funding of almost $ 4 Billion the overall market for Life Science products is still of interest, at almost $ 1 Billion in 2015 with growth of 4.5% pa out to 2020. The importance of the total market is shown below and the individual country markets for Analytical Research Reagents provides an overview of country importance.

The Economic and Political aspects that impact the funding for Life Science research are examined in detail in all of these reports with the base line for market and product quantification based on the events and budgets announced up to mid-2016. This gives 2015 as the base line for market quantification so that projections for 2020 are valid and can be used to develop effective plans for the immediate future and into 2017.

The Contents Lists and Abstracts can be seen on the Latest Reports page of the web site for all reports.

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