About Adams Business Associates

Dr David Huckle, Chief Executive of Adams Business Associates set up ABA in 1987. The goal was to use the more than twenty years' experience in Pharma and Diagnostics development and marketing. Through active involvement in the development of these international markets gave the sound basis for analysis of the important interactions now taking place that impact these industries globally. The key history of the business demonstrates the range of activities that have been developed and continue to expand.

  • December 1987 - ABA established.
  • 1988 - ABA produces for Frost & Sullivan the first analysis of the European Research Biochemicals market.
  • 1989-1994 - Business analyses for Frost & Sullivan on Research Biochemicas, Radio - & Immuno Diagnostics, Clinical Chemistry and Biosensors.
  • 1995 - First sales audit programmes for Research Biochemicals in Europe.
  • 1996 - Changes in Diagnostic Practice analysis for Financial Times.
  • 2000 - Audit Millennium programme with extension to USA etc.
  • 2003 - Health Economics activity as Industrial Member of MATCH.
  • 2004 - Life Sciences Business Development & Funding report.
  • 2004 - EU Accession Country Life Science business analysis.
  • 2006 - Member of Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Advisory Group for UKTI.
  • 2006 - Extension of Life Science Research analyses to ABA Global Library. Learn More...
  • 2008 - Economic Analysis Tools project for NHS Hubs for National Innovation Centre (NHS).
  • 2009 -2012 - Economic Analyses for market access to NHS for both NIC and companies. Learn More...
  • 2009 - Research Biochemical audits contracted out to ABA Audits Limited as separate business. Learn More...
  • 2015 - UK Biotechnology Resources data Base inaugurated. Learn More...