Adams Business Associates, (ABA) provides practical business support for High Technology Businesses.

Our specialised focus is on Life Sciences, Bio-Research, Diagnostics, Healthcare and Biotechnology. ABA provides business development, stategic marketing, B2B services and reports based on sound management and technical experience.

Together we identify effective marketing decisions directed to improving profitability and the long term success of your business with Independent assessments and strategies controlled by Financial Analysis and Health Technology Assessment.

We use our detailed experience for each stage of your business or product development from: Design through to Development and to Launch.


Latest Items

Life Science Research Global Library: Full EMEA Coverage & Status at December 2017.

All eight (8) regional ABA Global Library reports were made available this year with 2016 as the market base line with business and commercial developments during the year covered by Appendices. During 2017 major full new analyses have been prepared that detail the actual outcomes for 2016, plus Individual country budgets for 2017 and those proposed for 2018.These reports completed by August were for:

  • North America: USA and Canada.(ABA 375.3)
  • Vol. 1  Eastern Majors of China, India & Japan with Pakistan, Hong Kong, Bangladesh & Sri Lanka.
  • Vol. 2. 11 countries in the region including those of Australia & New Zealand. 

Full details of Contents Lists and Abstracts are available for each region. Link to Contents List & Abstract on Latest Reports.

Now the four (4) regional reports that make up the full Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA) group, as used by many companies to manage this important total market, are made available. These analyses have been fully rewritten since September to include the real 2016 data plus the future programmes and budgets into 2018 with projections of the market out to 2021. This has given a more detailed update for the four reports covering this region, together with business and commercial developments in 2016/2017.

  • ABA 348.3A – Middle East, Arabia & North Africa
  • ABA 360.3A – Central & Eastern Europe
  • ABA 365.3A – Sub-Sahara & South Africa
  • ABA 374.3A – Western Europe

The importance of these markets is illustrated by the funding into Life Science research from all sources in 2016 which is not far short of that found in North America, as in the chart below.

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Diagnostics Report Series 2016 Updates for all three analyses.

The three reports in this series are;

Molecular Diagnostics      Point-of-Care Testing      Cell Based Assays

and have each been updated with all activities and market dynamics to the end of 2016. This has allowed the latest market figures to be included and to be at this time among the few reports in the Diagnostics sector to have 2016 market quantification as the base line for market data. These are global market reports and detail the technologies used together with the range of applications for clinical diagnostics, research and other applications.

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